Misleading Routes to Avoid While Hiring a Graphic Designer

Starting up or running a business can be costly, however, when it comes to Graphic Design, the cheaper option may not be the best route. People will often seek out the cheaper option without considering how it will impact their company’s representation. Here are a few misleading alternatives to avoid that can ultimately have a negative impact on your company’s appearance.

1. Using Crowd Sourcing Websites

Crowd sourcing sites are websites where people in need of a Graphic Designer, state their requirements to different designers from all over the world. These designers then respond by tossing out possible concepts to choose from. This may seem like a great idea at first, however these anonymous designers are not local and there is no direct relationship developed, therefore they are less committed to your company. For example, you may receive a design that functions for what you are seeking but in the event that you need a specific file or have a question regarding the project, your designer may be impossible to contact again. In addition to this, you cannot be certain that the concept designed for you is actually an original design. Unfortunately, some designers tend to reuse work that has been created for another business or simply infringe on another company’s design. Rest assured that when you hire a professional Graphic Designer you can be confident you will have all of the support and originality that you require.

2. Doing It Yourself

Believe it or not, “doing it yourself” is a very misleading option that entrepreneurs commonly make. They question spending money on a Graphic Designer when they believe that they can do the same job themselves. In a competitive world, first impressions are lasting impressions and having your project designed in a word processing software will absolutely harm your business by giving it an overall low-end appearance at first glance. Hiring a professional Graphic Designer is an investment to ensure that your business reflects quality. In addition to this, “doing it yourself” is a time consuming effort than may cause you unnecessary stress. Instead, it would be more beneficial to utilize your limited time towards developing your business in other ways. A professional Graphic Designer has the ability to emphasize what your business has to offer while incorporating features that you truly want to highlight. You excel with your business because of what you know – let a designer use their knowledge to help you.

3. Using A Desktop Publisher

Desktop Publishers work at photocopying stores such as UPS or Staples and create generic designs by using clipart and templates. Receiving graphics from this source is fast and cheap, however, the downside of using this option is the lack of originality. Since these sources are not professionally trained Graphic Designers, their work is unoriginal and has most likely been used for several other companies who also chose the cheaper, faster option. With that, there is a high chance that your artwork will be used on another business’ logo, business card, brochure, or commercial material. Hiring a professional Graphic Designer will give your business originality; that alone is what sets you apart from the rest.